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Ideas for Summer FUN!

by | Dec 6, 2022

The kids are ready to head into vacation! It’s fun-time for them,, but how do we keep them busy? Here are some great ideas from “Greenwise” and an article published on (article excerpted)

1. Pick your own…whatever. Find a farm with blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, etc., and get picking.

2. Camp out. First-timers, try backyard camping.

3. Camp in. Put the sleeping bags on the floor and have a family slumber party.

4. Rearrange the furniture. Give the kids graph paper and have them draw out a plan first.

5. Invite friends over for a game day. Have a kids’ games table and an adult one too. Candyland, chess, Monopoly, Clue – let the kids pick their favorites.

6. Have a make your own pizza night

7. Talk to the animals. Go to a zoo. If there isn’t one nearby, take a virtual zoo tour online.

8. Get wet. Break out the kiddie pools, hoses, and sprinklers. Or if the budget permits, spend the day at a water park.

9. Have a puzzle race. Stock up on 100-piece puzzles and see who finishes first. For older kids, skip the race and challenge them to complete a mega-piece puzzle. Set up a spot where everyone can join in working on the puzzle. 

10. Play (or learn) card games. Amazing how much fun you can have with a single pack of playing cards. Little ones can learn crazy eights or Old Maid. Teach the older kids rummy or poker, or discover new games to master.

11. Make good use of nearby parks. Go to your local park’s website, print the schedule of activities and tape it to the refrigerator.

12. Pack a picnic. And plop down to eat it just about anywhere, at a free concert, in a state park or in your own backyard. Rainy day? Have an Indoors Picnic! Spread a blanket on the living room floor where there are no bugs or rain to contend with and the children will love it!

13. Start the back-to-school shopping early. Skip the crowds and spend a leisurely afternoon browsing for the school supplies on each child’s list (did we mention making a list first?).

14. Get the summer homework done. Not exactly fun, but so much easier to get it out of the way.

15. Join (or create) a summer reading club. Most local libraries have a summer reading program that awards prizes for the most books read. If your library doesn’t, create your own. Pick a day of the week to be library day. You take back the read books and pick up new ones. Create categories and award prizes to whoever read the most books in those categories. If you have three children, have three categories. Make sure every child gets a prize.

16. Experiment with new hairdos. Let the kids try out not-permanent colors or braids. Or maybe a spiked look.

17. Set a goal and complete a home project. Spare room need cleaning out? Fences need painting? Kitchen cabinets in need of organizing? Find ways to let the kids help.

18. Let the kids cook dinner. In fact, make a tradition of it.

19. Host a sleepover. And the maybe your kids will be invited next — giving you a free evening.

20. Have a Lazy Day. Everyone needs a day to unwind and do nothing. During your “Lazy Off,” lie around in pajamas reading, watching movies, baking cookies, or even cat napping for as much of the day as you want.

21. Go to a nearby museum that you’ve never been to before.

22. Go to a carnival or county fair. Eat cotton candy, fried dough or something really bad once this summer.

23. Play sidewalk chalk games. You can even look online for a recipe to make your own chalk.

24. Take a hike. Choose a route near your house or take a drive to a more distant park.

25. Take road trip to a nearby city. Spend the night if you can or just make it a day trip. Have the kids help plan your itinerary ahead of time to build excitement.

26. Go to a matinee. Find a bargain movie houses and pay less.

27. Read a chapter book aloud. Or even go on and read a whole series together.

28. Visit a historic house. Kids will be amazed at what the old-timers lived without.

29. Make ice cream. Check online and find and easy recipe that doesn’t require an ice cream maker

30. Take bike rides for fun. Either leave from your own house or drive to biking trails.

31. Go fishing. In many states kids can drop a line in without a license.

32. Blow bubbles. It’s even more fun when you make your own! Bubble recipes are online.